How to cook a turkey: 2 easiest and simplest Recipes

How to cock a turkey easily

How to cook a turkey? “Turkey”, Whenever you heard this word, the first thing that comes in your mind is a fresh-roasted or baked meat of a large bird lying on a big plate with Aromas of Herbs coming out from its roasted meat.

Yeah, all these visualizations which had been made by your hungry stomach in your brain can come true, only if you know ” How to cook a turkey?” How long do you cook a Turkey?” and at what temperature to cook a turkey?

You don’t need to worry, all your queries will be covered in this article. It has become the most popular dish for almost various occasions for an American, whether its Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve party or Black Friday. It has been a part of Celebration from generation to generation and it becomes a ritual for every celebration. 

How to cook a turkey: Roasted Turkey with maple and herbs

It has now become an Excuse to meet your loved ones, Gather together on the same dining table and meet with those who are very close to you, enjoy food and let our palates go sightseeing, at least for a day, through the culinary traditions of a country. In addition, on the occasion of this anniversary, the Americans take the opportunity to inaugurate their motley Christmas decorations.

And Not to forget, You need to Preset your mind, before starting preparations while also not letting your kitchen get dirty. Also, it varies from individual to individual about, how long do you cook a turkey? Because it takes almost 17 hours of cooking and for that you need patience. In this blog, I tried to bring out the most authentic, easy, and simple recipe for this time- taking dish not just for Thanksgiving or Black Friday but you try this recipe for Christmas eve party too.

Before that, learn how to keep your kitchen clean

How to Cook a Turkey: Recipe 1


  1. A whole and fresh Turkey
  2. A half cup of melted butter
  3. Two cups of salt
  4. 2 spring onions and 4 celery stalks, finely chopped
  5. 4 carrots
  6. Some fresh thyme
  7. 1-2 bay leaves
  8. And a Glass of white wine

For the Sauce:

  1. 3 cups of honey/maple syrup, either of them
  2. 2 cups of apple cider vinegar
  3. Some fresh Oregano
  4. 2 fresh grated lemon peel
  5. 4 cups of butter

Initial Preparations:

In order to begin with how to cook a turkey? Or How to cook the perfect Turkey? Your First and most important step is to Rub the whole turkey inside and out with salt. After this step, you need to find a container that can hold the whole turkey and can be covered in Coldwater. After that, you can put it in the refrigerator for almost 12 hours at rest, which helps in to macerate the meat. If you wanna save your time, you can do this process at night and it will be ready for another process in the morning.

How to cook a turkey: Applying salt and herbs

Keep in mind that, to make your turkey juicy and tender you need to complete this process without any hesitation and laziness.

Also, another important thing you need to keep in mind about the sauce is that you must boil maple syrup/ honey with apple cider vinegar in a pan at medium to high flame, till there is half a glass quantity left.

After a while, remove it from the flame and put some thyme and oregano, Mix it well and add fresh lemon zest. Now its, time to add some butter and beat it well until it has melted. Now, its time to add some salt and pepper as per your taste.

The next step , is to cover it and let it cool down for a while in Refrigerator.

If you want it to be perfect on time, and hate last moment preparations, Its better you should plan this 2 days before any event. And yeah , it will have to be melted in the fire previosuly.


Now, here the interesting part comes, “Stuffing of Turkey”. It sounds interesting!! isn’t it? For the Stuffing part, you need to place the bird’s face down on a Roasting/baking tray. Now, you apply half of the melted butter inside the turkey.

For the Filling, use a chopped onion,carrot,celery, some thyme and basil leaf. Rest of the vegetables and herbs which are left, spread it around the turkey at the bottom of the pan. And at last Do not forget to cover it with white wine.

In the Final Step, Apply and drizzle Butter outside the meat and inject the sauce which you have prepared earlier. Make sure to drizzle and inject it to the extent that it won’t be slippery. To carry out best enrich flavor and results, make sure to inject sauce to all parts.

How long do you cook a turkey with white wine and maple syrup?

Now you must be eager to know, how long do you cook a turkey? or in other words how long to cook turkey in the preheated oven. It takes almost 3-4 hours to cook properly if you put Turkey with the breast down In the oven to get extra crunch on the skin and dark roasted color. Once it gets cooked, not its all ready to serve and share with your loved ones. Now you are able to find out How to cook a turkey with simple thyme, butter maple syrup sauce.

How to cook a turkey: Roasted Turkey ready to serve.

How to cook a Turkey: Recipe 2

In the Previous Recipe, you found how to cook a turkey, how long do you cook a turkey? with maple syrup and different herbs in a typically American way. Now in this second Recipe, you will find out how to cook a turkey with fresh herbs and lemons to bring out the best enrich flavor.

how to cook a turkey: Roasted Turkey with lemons and herbs

The main secret of this Recipe lies within the lemon-butter combination, thyme, or whatever herb you chose, (in case you don’t have thyme or dislike it) and garlic mixture used to spread the turkey, and the turkey is then simmered.

Ingredients Required:

For Lemon and herb mixture

  1. One and a half cups or about 340 grams of butter.
  2. One large bunch of Thyme
  3. 10 garlic cloves
  4. one lemon juice and zest

For the Roasted Turkey:

  1. One whole Fresh Turkey of about 9-10 kilograms or 18-20 pounds
  2. Two tbsp of olive oil
  3. One Big Lemon cut into slices

For the Sauce:

  1. Salt and pepper
  2. A Cup of White wine

Initial Preparation

Before you begin with the preparation of turkey, do not forget to preheat the oven at 160-165 Degree Celsius.

Mix butter, thyme leaves, lemon juice, lemon zest, minced garlic, and a little salt altogether. Lemon, thyme, and butter can be prepared beforehand, but it is necessary to bring it on room temperature for its smooth texture.

Remove the offal from the turkey, and pat it dries completely from inside and out. Gently Apply the butter inside the turkey cavities. Its prefer to use your hand to gently lift the skin off the turkey breast and then fill the space between the skin and the meat with the herb butter.

Place additional thyme sprigs and lemon wedges inside the turkey cavity. Rub the turkey skin with olive oil and salt, tuck the wings under the turkey, and tie the legs together with kitchen string. Put the turkey on a baking sheet.

How long do you cook a turkey? & What temperature to cook a turkey?

Now here comes the tricky part, For getting better results, You might be looking for how long do you cook a turkey? And at what temperature to a cook a turkey?

Yeah, I know all these cooking and baking science sounds very technical but once you follow all these steps you will get better results each and every time. And to achieve the same result, you should Place the turkey in the oven and bake at 160-165 C for almost 2.5 hours. Cover the already golden parts of the turkey with aluminum foil to prevent them from browning too much. At this time, add the giblets to the baking sheet.

Bake for an additional 1 – 1 ½ hour, check turkey temperature by inserting a thermometer into the thigh, the minimum internal temperature should be 73 C. Keep in mind that the turkey will continue to cook even when you remove it from the oven and the internal temperature of the turkey can rise up to 10 degrees F, Yeah that is right so if you want your turkey to be perfectly baked you should take it out of the oven when the internal temperature is between 68-73C.

Once you have removed the turkey from the oven, tilt it so that the juices or broths inside fall onto the tray.

To make the sauce or gravy, carefully remove the turkey from the baking sheet. Add the white wine to the tray and put it in the oven for about 15-20 minutes. Then, take the tray out of the oven, discard the giblets and herbs, pour the sauce into a saucepan and cook over medium heat until the sauce thickens and reduces, about 20 minutes.

Serve the turkey with your favorite side dishes.

How to cook a turkey in a very simple way especially for roasting is quite interesting for the beginners, but at the same time very delicious. The thyme and a large amount of butter give away that inspires you a little touch French cuisine. If you do not have thyme or do not like it, you can use the herb or the herbal mixture (basil, oregano, parsley, etc.) that you prefer.

This butter is amazing, I could eat it by myself – and I had to put in a lot of willpower not to grab a piece of bread and eat it all. You can use this butter mixed with thyme, lemon, and garlic to roast chickens, vegetables, garlic bread, among others. You can also prepare this butter with other herbs (coriander, parsley, basil, etc.).

you should do not throw or drain the juice or broth of the turkey rather use it to make a gravy-type sauce to accompany the turkey and it enhances the flavor as well. It has all juices, nutrients, the essence of Turkey soaked. you can simply add a little white wine to the broth and let it cook until it was reduced and thickened, there is no need to add anything else, the broth It already has the flavor of turkey and thyme butter.

For Thanksgiving, you can serve the roast turkey accompanied by a cranberry sauce with a wizard, potato gratin, roasted vegetables with aioli sauce.

Voila! Now you Got two amazing recipes for how to cook a turkey in an easy and amazing way. You don’t need to worry now, and you don’t need to bother about some sophisticated and time taking turkey recipes that are available online. Obviously How to cook a Turkey? is not rocket science, but an art of cooking.

And I am sure, you will find it easy and you Gonna try these two amazing recipes and make your any occasion delightful and Yummy.

When you are ready to serve the dish, you must know how to organize your kitchen table to make it a perfect event

How to cook a turkey: 2 easiest and simplest Recipes

How to cook a turkey? “Turkey”, Whenever you heard this word, the first thing that comes in your mind is a fresh-roasted or baked meat of a large bird lying on a big plate with Aromas of Herbs coming out from its roasted meat.

Type: Main course

Cuisine: American

Cooking Time: 2H30M

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