How To Keep The Kitchen Clean With Little Effort


The kitchen is the most used room in our homes, right? And even if it is perfectly ordered, it can get messy in a jiffy and be a mess. W need to keep the kitchen clean from our end in homes.

Like many other things at home (and in life), a small but constant effort will be easier and more effective than wanting to do it all at once when there is time or energy (there is rarely time, and we don’t even talk about energy).

Today I bring you some tips to keep the kitchen clean. Try to implement some (or all!), And you will see how you can easily keep your kitchen clean.

1. Wash the dishes as soon as possible after each meal.

keep the kitchen clean

Try to wash them while you cook, in those few seconds that we have while the pan is heating or the onion is browning. If you use a dishwasher, rinse them quickly and put them in the machine so they are ready to wash.

2. Set dirty cutlery aside. 

In this way they will not fill with additional dirt, being at the bottom of the sink. Plus, you won’t have to reach into dirty water to search for them. Finally, if you have a garbage disposal, there will be no danger of any part going to the bottom and damaging it.

3. Clean the counters and table after each meal. 

Do it after every mean or at least once a day. This simple action will make your kitchen look neat and tidy.

4. Change the sponge frequently. 

keep the kitchen clean with sponges

Nothing more terrible than a dirty, broken, smelly sponge or one that is almost discarded. Dishwashing sponges are cheap, buy some and change them at least every month.

5. Quickly clean up messes in the kitchen and microwave. 

In this way, substances will be less likely to stick to surfaces with heat and will be much more difficult to remove later.

6. Change the cleaning pattern daily. 

Change your pattern of cleaning daily and discard stained, broken, or poorly drying cleaners. And keep the dishes from drying dishes separate from the cleaners used to clean counters or collect drips. Better still if you use semi-disposable towels to clean the troughs (from which you can rinse several times and then throw away).

7. Clean countertops well. 

Countertops are an especially dangerous place. In them, we handle food, cook and we don’t always clean it the way we should, to eliminate germs. Sometimes we even use bacteria-filled cloths to clean it.

In case the worktop is Silestone, a synthetic and non-porous material, it is easy to disinfect it with water and neutral PH detergent. But if the countertop is made of wood, in addition to cleaning it with detergent, you must apply a specific oil every two or three months to hydrate and restore its natural shine. For stainless steel worktops, simply wipe with a cloth with detergent.

8. Make Sure the kitchen is well ventilated.

Keep the kitchen clean with ventilation.

Ventilating the house every day is an obligation. And in the case of the kitchen, even more. This need for ventilation becomes more obligatory if possible when we have the kitchen open and integrated in the living room or dining room, since smoke and odors spread throughout the room without remedy. To achieve adequate and natural ventilation, it is best to put the window near the kitchen. And of course, turn the range hood on at the right power every time you cook.You’d be surprised to know how many people forget to plug it in!

9. Wash the sink. 

When you finish fixing the kitchen, wash the sink with a little soap and a brush. If you want you can use some polishing powder like Ajax, for best results.

10. Quickly sweep the burs. 

After each meal, or when you close the kitchen at the end of the day, quickly run the broom under the table and around the corners. At home we have a little cupboard next to the kitchen, so there I keep the broom and the stick, ready to use. Also there I have my Swiffer, to give a quick pass to the kitchen, in case there are stains on the floor.

A little today, a little tomorrow. Follow these tips, recruit helpers if you can, and you’ll see how your kitchen will easily keep clean. A clean and tidy kitchen motivates to prepare and consume nutritious and healthy meals. And spend family time!

What other tips can you add to the list?

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