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tablecloth sizes

On a special day or occasion, when you are going to receive guests at home or you just want to make sure that your house looks perfect at that moment and for your family as well. One of the commonplaces where you all get together is on a dining table, and the most important associated element with it is the tablecloth which should be perfectly aligned as per different tablecloth sizes available.

Because it is not just a simple tablecloth/table cover but an emotional way to style your house with the interiors.

Tablecloth sizes

And you have to know very well which is the most suitable tablecloth and what are the suitable tablecloth sizes to choose from tablecloth size chart able to make and create in that way a harmonious view.

why tablecloth sizes are important and their measurements?

A perfectly matched table is only possible if a suitable table cloth matches from different tablecloth sizes available or choose from the tablecloth size chart and is placed on its surface with the decoration of the room where it is located. However, not all tablecloths are suitable for any type of table.

Try to understand it with an example, the size of the surface to be covered is an extremely important factor that must be taken into account. Only when the measurements of the tablecloth, rubber or cotton, are adequate to the size of the table, is it possible to achieve the desired feeling of overall harmony in the dining room.

How to choose from different tablecloth sizes?

Whether you use a simple cloth for table or decide on a disposable tablecloth, you have to keep these considerations in mind:

  • Type of occasion: When you go to choose the size of a tablecloth from the tablecloth size chart, keep in mind for what occasion you want it. Depending on the event, the tablecloth will have to have one type of measurement or another.
    • For example, if it is a formal occasion, the tablecloth should ideally have an extension of 38 cms below, while if it is something more informal then it is about 20 cms below always counting from the edge of the table.
  • Measure the table: As you have read at the beginning of this blog, not all tables are the same, Hence you need different tablecloth size chart with which it is necessary to calculate very well the measurements of the tablecloth that will be needed.
    • A rectangular table is not the same as a square table. Just Use a measuring tape, and measure the length and breadth of the table. If in case you have a circular or oval type of table it is better to measure its diameter.
  • Calculate the correct size: When it comes to placing a tablecloth on a table, as we said, the final extension will depend on the type of occasion but what you should take into account is that,
    • for example, on a rectangular table, you will need to add some 15 centimeters on each side minimum so you have room for the rectangular tablecloth to fall. This addition will basically depend on the type of occasion, if it is a formal occasion, then you will have to add about 40 cms per side for a rectangular table

How to calculate the proper dimensions?

To determine the proper dimensions of a tablecloth, the first thing to do is take the exact measurements of the table surface you want to cover. It is important not to forget the flight that hangs on the sides of the top surface of the table.

In this regard, it is generally recommended to add between 20 and 30 centimeters to the measurement taken. However, you can also leave the measurement of the flight according to the taste of each one.

Experience has shown that the optical sensation of too short a flight can be inconsistent. However, a flight that is too long can be impractical since, although the sensation is pleasing to the eye, it could be considerably uncomfortable for guests to sit at the table and access objects located at the table.

Too long a tablecloth draws diners away from the edge of the table. On the other hand, an excessively long flight on an empty table is not very decorative when the tablecloth rests on the seat of unoccupied chairs or trips over them.

Some standard Tablecloth sizes and Tables

When estimating the most suitable tablecloth sizes it is important to take into account the material in which it is made. It is entirely inevitable that some fabrics and materials shrink with the first washes.

However, there is a “Golden Rule” to prevent this problem: when selecting the appropriate measures, it is advisable to keep in mind that the tablecloth can shrink approximately three percent of its original size, with the first wash.

However, if, in anticipation of the inconvenience described in the previous paragraph, a tablecloth of excessive measures is chosen and finally it does not shrink with the washings, in the washable tablecloths of rubber or cotton there is a solution.

which is very simple, to solve the problem. excess flight problem. It is enough to cut the remaining centimeters with scissors. This solution is also suitable for other types of tablecloths.

Rectangular tables

Tablecloth sizes for rectangular Table

From The tablecloth size chart, standard dimensions for square and rectangular tables are normally as follows: 80 x 80 centimeters; 100 x 100 centimeters; 120 x 140 centimeters; and 140 x 300 centimeters, respectively. In the case of round tables, the usual standard sizes are 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, and even 180 centimeters in diameter.

To calculate the different ideal tablecloth sizes, it is usual to add to the size of the table to which it is going to be covered, approximately between 40 and 60 cms more.

For example, for a rectangular table, 60 cms wide by 80 cms long, the ideal would be to choose a tablecloth 100 to 120 cms wide and 120 to 140 cms long.

Circular Tables

Tablecloth sizes for Circular type tables

For a circular tablecloth size chart, to calculate the appropriate size of the tablecloth with which its surface will be covered, between 40 and 60 centimeters will also be added to the diameter of the table’s upper table.

Oval Type Tables

Tablecloth sizes for Ova shape tables

One of the most difficult tasks is finding the right size from the tablecloth size chart for oval tables. Generally, in these cases, you have to resort to personalized tablecloths. Some providers of household items manufacture custom tablecloths, with the help of a template made for this purpose.

However, it is also common practice to use tablecloths for square tables. In the latter case, when placing the tablecloth on the oval table, the sides are slightly longer in the part that corresponds to the corners of the tablecloth.

It should be noted that oval tablecloths are ideal for round sliding table owners. Rectangular shapes seem no less interesting. But you can take these things into your consideration before buying it.

  • measure the large and small diameter of the table,
  • add twice the length of the hanging edges to each indicator.

How to consider the Right Table Cloth?

It is to be noted that, Clear advice for which tablecloth you should chose doesn’t make any sense and it has no value. First of all, the important thing one should consider is, it must fit perfectly into the general interior of the room, combine elegantly with the cutlery, correspond to the shape and size of the surface.

We have already learned how to measure the right tablecloth for different tablecloth sizes, But not to forget the quality of the fabric remains an important criterion. We must also take into account the design, decorative elements.

Cotton tablecloth
Cotton Tablecloth

Cotton products are easy to maintain, pleasant to the touch. Ideal for the living room or on the terrace.

linen tablecloth
linen tablecloth

The linen product has a beautiful aesthetic appearance, emphasizes the meaning of the celebration. Fewer products – brittleness, easily wrinkled.

synthetic tablecloth material
synthetic tablecloth

Cloth made of synthetic material suitable for the kitchen.

teflon tablecloth
Teflon tablecloth

Teflon, laminated fabric. The peculiarity of these tablecloths – they have a water-repellent coating.

Colorful and Designed Tablecloth

The design and color of the tablecloth should be neutral, matching the color of the elements of the room that are found there most often.

Colourful tablecloth sizes
colorful tablecloth

Expensive products should be used only on solemn occasions.

For sliding tables it is more rational to buy two identical tablecloths, to use them in different cases.

Decorative items for your different tablecloth sizes

Lace type table cloth with different table cloth sizes
Lace type Tablecloth

Embroidery, fringe, lace. These decorative elements give the tablecloth a rich appearance, so its use is recommended for special occasions.

The proper use of various tablecloths allows you to achieve unique results. For example, a narrower tablecloth can be placed on the main deck. They can be made of different fabrics or different colors.

Open work napkin of tablecloth sizes
Openwork napkins

Openwork napkins are an excellent substitute for a slightly tired tablecloth.

And finally, If you are planning to arrange a family reunion or an event at your home, You can also consider children by arranging a Dinning table with Doll tablecloth, and its tablecloth sizes can be calculated exactly as regular tablecloths for the dining room table. You can arrange all the required materials by yourself, design it , sew it and customize it as per your house interiors.

Different Tablecloth sizes for a variety of table designs can reflect any individual’s personality and why not? It really helps to enhance the look of interiors.

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